Intro to Generative Arts

Time: 2018 Spring

Program: Interactive Media Arts(IMA), NYU Shanghai

Level: Undergrad Level, 2-Credits Elective Course

Course Description: This course is an introduction and overview of the history and practice of generative art. Using computational tools, students will express themselves on different mediums, materials, forms, and on various topics. The concept of generative art is related to time and space; the transient and the permanent. The instructor will demonstrate the generative arts with both analog and digital methods, and will cover a comprehensive review of past and current productions across creative practices. The course will cover programming algorithms, some mechanisms, and some paper crafting techniques. Students get to practice these algorithms first hand and develop new generative pieces through their assignments and projects. The output from this class will be mostly visual work generated from computer, but could be extended as prints, moving images, animations, and not limited to those forms. Processing will be the main tool for this class. Students are required to have some basic programming skills in either Processing or programming in general.

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Main Topic & Research area: 

The class will be take “Generative“ as the main topic and almost a medium to explore some related concepts. Each week, student will be introduced two comparable topics/mediums to study generative arts, which can come from different areas, analog and digital.

  • Paper Mechanisms and Generative Shapes

Paper is a most generative medium and always fond by artists and creators.

Selected Readings:

  • Drawing Systems: painter’s hand and drawing machine

  • Poetry, Fortunetelling and Generative Text

  • Environmental, Bio-Art and Data-Driven Generative Art

  • Collage, Images and Glitch, Generative Images

  • Performance Art and Computer Vision

Selected Resources/Book List:

Student Work: 

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