Interactive Installation: a programming-based software runs the program that draws environment and portrait of passers-by in real time. 
 Visual Variation No.2: Random Waker (Video Installation)
 Visual Variation No.3: Dripping (Video Installation)
Self Portraiture 01
Friend's Portrait - Tommy
Friend's Portrait - Leslie
Friend's Portrait - Danara
Friend's Portrait - Ella
Friend's Portrait - Kat
Friend's Portrait - Paula
Friend's Portrait - Zoe
Musician's Portrait - Tigran
Musician's Portrait - Seth
Musician's Portrait - Justin
Nature Series - Tree
 <<Flickering Existence>>, Portraiture Book
 Selected Page 20: Musicians' Portrait _ Seth
 Portraiture Booth Studio Setup: I invited my fellows to participate the capturing session to allow me "draw" their portrait through different computational tool and algorithms that I developed, as if the situation between "Painter and Sitter" in the old time. 
 Exhibition at Hong Museum, Chengdu, China, 2016
 Exhibition at Hong Museum, Chengdu, China, 2016   
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