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Course Description:

Exhibition: Next is an exploration and observation of the field of museum studies and exhibition design.

What is an exhibition in a museum today and how should it be experienced? What is its role in society? How does it engage the audience of tomorrow? This class will explore how emerging technologies can be applied to a museum and exhibition design to enhance museum visitors’ experience. Class discussions will include topics and themes such as curatorial practices, public space, content and form, audience and environment, meaningful interfaces and interactive experiences in a museum context. The course will begin with visiting and immersing students in various museums, art spaces, and exhibitions in Shanghai. Students will explore and research on the functions of a museum as an institution to public audiences. Through museum visits, students will write observations of each trip based on their own experience to design a “better” museum or exhibition as their final project. Students will work in a team or individually to design their own exhibition through the design process of submitting a museum proposal, building a demonstrated diorama and writing a museum manifesto, etc. By the end of the course, students will install and present their work in different mediums.

Main Discussion and Research Topics:

  • Cabinets of Curiosity: The brief history of museum is introduced in the beginning of the class, which is also related to the every-changing social value of museum from time to time.

  • Museum Visitor Experience: Museum visitor experience will be the main focus in this course, especially interactive experience between visitors and displays.

  • Research Approach and Topics: Research is a very important aspect of this class and it will be taken along for the whole process. Conducting a research by contacting an expert, by interview, by initiate an inquiry, by indexing a series of resources in library and more approaches will be introduced in the class.

  • Exhibits: Bring an object to exhibit, design your display, not everything on the table is considered as part of your display, what is it and what is not; why is effective or not.

  • The Beyond:Something beyond the actual museum, the design or whatever the displays, the collections. What the value for a museum in the society? What it needs to exist? Why now and here? All the answers goes to your statement, mission or manifesto.

Student Work:

Millie Wong, “Selfie, Selfie“

Millie Wong, “Selfie, Selfie“

Maike Nicole

Maike Nicole