The Museum of Smell and Memory

I bring teapot, my diary notebook, NYU library old time book.

I named it “A set of objects about Time”, including the teapot, diary notebook and the old time book from NYU library. The initial idea behind this is each object represents a stage of life-time or describing the feeling of the past, the present, and the future.

A set of objects about time Caption

A Set of Objects about Time

Name: Teapot

Material: Purple Grit/Red Stoneware

Year: 2006

Origin Place: Jiang Su Province, China

Description: Teapot keep the smell of

different tea depends the brewing time

and methods. The smell of teapot will be

change slightly over time, as well as its

shape and color.

Name: Diary

Material: Ink, Paper, Flower, tea, coffee,

and anonymous natural elements

Year: 2014

Origin Place: New York

Description: I be gave this little flower inlittle flower in

New York Upstate in my recent trip. Flower’s

natural smell was fading away very fast, but

it become a bookmark of my notebook, bringing

fragrant of memory.

Name: Old Time Book

Material: Paper, Ink, history

Year: 1969

Origin Place:  New York

Description: It is a book which was published

in 1969. It must be borrowed from library

by different people. This could be a conversation

with the past reader or future reader: who will

read this? who ever splash a little coffee on it ?