Manifesto of Museum

Intro: Museum is a cultural institution in our society. Why does it need to exist? Who created this idea? Why is it special? Why we need it? Those questions are circling in my mind. It also becomes the motivation for me to think about the manifesto of the museum.

  1. Nourish People. Museum should nourish visitor’s spirit. It should be a refreshing experience for people. People’s mind be filled with the beauty of history, the wonder of past and future, the new vision of impression of objects(museum’s collection). They are enlightened by collection, space, the curatorial concept.
    Bring Context. If we agree on every kind of environment, the institution provides us a specific context, the museum is an independent existence, a context provider, which is distinguished with any other institutions, such as school, park, library, theater. Museum creates a special context to allow people out of others, which connect to the past, present and future. This context couldn’t be provided by other institution. Depends on exhibitions, collection, the conception of curator, it could provide a Utopia, a parallel world inside a museum.
  2. Create Spectacles. Artwork comes from imagination, illusion, and various sense of artists. They are a combination of nature, reality, virtual space, personal experience and other mysterious elements. We confront to our daily life, but not have the opportunity to encounter spectacles. Museum is a way to expand our vision.
  3. Trigger nostalgia and tears. It’s an only connection between you and the history in general. Museum provides us with the space to hold objects and allow people to engage with them. Something is so small, but the communicate with something large with a story at the past but also a story in the future.
  4. Allow participation. Not only allow the audience to participate but also encourage them to participate. Visiting as a conventional way for the museum is in the past, the experience needs to involve more interaction to trigger visitors’ potential subconscious. In another word, interaction is another to expand people’s perception by naturally instructing their behaviors.
  5. Create conversations. Create a conversation between walls, two pieces aligned on the wall should generate some dialogue; create a conversation between static and dynamic; create a conversation between past and future; create a conversation between objects and human; create a conversation between space/architecture and texture/skin of pieces. create conversation between neighborhood(outside) and exhibition design(inside).
  6. Spread metaphor. Every object represents something else. Museum could be a representation of a utopia, a school, a playground. A Cafe in the museum is a metaphor that you drink coffee in paradise surrounded by all art pieces, by beauties.
    Leave a space for breathing. Setup a couple of benches, a designed garden, a small forest, a 360 immersive dark room.
    An empty space for bringing the pop-up event, special exhibitions, for empty.
  7. Hide technology. There is a trend in our virtual world where everything in the physical world turns into the virtual world. Museum becomes a video game, you position yourself by using and moving your mouse. Taking advantage of technology, but hide it, hide the buttons, cables, switches.
    Provide exquisite food and wine but within specific limitation.
  8. See your sensing. Museum should be a place to bring our sense present, to redefine human perception, to expand our regular dimension of perception.
  9. Bring heritage to live, make the story behind artwork tangible.
  10. Provide Sensory experience.