Dream Art Exhibition

By reading Holland Cotter’s article “A lifetime of Looking, Magically Recovered”, his memory museum based on his personal history. At first, I have to say I really enjoy reading this article, the way that he use very humble but subtle language to pass from his personal perceptional world. Looking back those artworks which moved him, every single piece almost spans a decade and located in a different stage of his life. It also visualized the contour of that specific time. Self-portraiture always comes along with the culture landscape and reshape each other over time. For me, that’s the most charming part of history. Through this personal angle, individuals reshaping society  by movements of politics, climates, culture, families, and form the personality of the society.

Like what Cotter said as well, “A few of those encounters — with certain objects, books, buildings — have altered the atmosphere, changed how I see and joined a permanent collection that I regularly revisit.”

“The only history you can really know is your own.” As a regular individual but reflect the world is an interesting part of history. 

“The only art I’m truly an expert on is art I’ve experienced firsthand.”

“But I’m also a curator of my memory, which carries traces of art encounters from over the years. “

“The show would have no theme except my biography, chronologically by the decade, beginning with books of lectures by John L. Stoddard that I encountered as a kid in the 1950s. “

I can imagine that would be a wonderful show to depict his personal history. But also, that’s the dream show for him to show these sentimental pieces to arouse more resonance and convey what’s the world from his perspective. 

-My dream show

I start to think about my dream exhibition. If I were a curator, it’s a huge opportunity to kind of build another world and invite people to experience.

When I was sitting in another class, Performing Participation, we were talking about Utopia. And we were required to created a Utopia performance piece. That’s such beautiful topic. Actually, in the class, when everybody sit on the high chair and reading their Utopia statement, I think that is a moment called “Utopia”.

So, what’s kind of environment or moment can remind people of Utopia? What’s kind of show or museum make people feel they are immersed in a sort of Utopia world? Art suppose to give people pleasant experience? Or making them feel the multiple layers of the world? Allowing them feel like seeing the world in a different perspective by experiencing artists’ emotion? Those questions are in my mind. I always feel so immersive when I encounter spatial installations. Detaching the real world, installation artists create spectacles for audiences. My dream show is creating a sort of Utopia exhibition for visitors to immerse in surreal space. All the pieces in this show are immersive installations. 

My show will occupy a whole building with the spiral structure inside space.

Every floor will be set up an immersive installation. Visitors will be guided to the entrance and follow the path all the way to the top. On the top, we will provide a specific part of the exhibition that allow people feel that they  finally land this place to reach the sky after experiencing the whole journey. The sequence of artwork is based on research of perception and the intensity of specific work. Every immersive installation space is independent. There is invisible transition area in between. There are eight or seven floors inside the building. Museum will provide wine and serve food during the visiting time. Visitors are passively served specific food at some points by needs of the deep experience(No order service).

The exhibition will include those pieces. 

  1. Top Floor: James Turrell, Meeting.
  2. Eighth Floor: James Turrell, Aten Reign, 2013.


  1. Seventh Floor: 


  1. Sixth floor: Yoji Kusama, Infinite.


  1. Fifth Floor: The Snow House from Tokujin Yoshioka.


  1. Fourth Floor: Rain Room


  1. Third floor: Ann Hamilton, The event of a thread.


  1. Second Floor: Olafur Eliasson&Ma Yansong, Feelings are Facts.


  1. First Floor: James Turrell,  A Retrospective.