Museum of Friendship

A couple month ago, I visited Donald Judd’s studio at 111 Spring Street, Soho, with Rebecca and Joanna. Judd’s studio is a complex of his studio, apartment, showroom, gallery, and theater (for his daughter). In his bedroom, there is a huge light installation from his good friend, another great artist, Dan Flavin. Also, some drawing sketches around stairs area come from Dan Flavin as well. It triggers my imagination about the friendship they have, as well as the whole picture of art circle in that time in Soho area. I start to think about he influence for artists from their friendship. It’s just a start point, then I continue to think about the wide definition of friendship, the friendship between artist, lovers, the friendship between art and science, the friendship between art and philosophy…etc.

Museum of Friendship

Six million dollars for building a dream museum is a good deal. From my experience of visiting other museums and exhibitions, the strongest impression always comes along with a special perspective of an exhibition. For Museum of Friendship, I won’t consider too much about the architecture, interior space or collection. At first, I hope my museum provide a specific perspective to see this world, to read these artworks through a different path, to connect with the story behind it.

Museum of Friendship aims for focusing on the story behind artworks, exploring the meaning of works by bringing them back to that context. The category of the collection will be based on the relationship between artist, including various relationships. The goal of Museum of Friendship is triggering visitor’s curiosity to comprehend art, leading them to another level to immerse in the context.

Museum of Friendship will use diversity media to transport the relationship between artists and artworks.

-Interactive Theater:

In the theater, we will re-stage scenes that happened when the artist created their work. The theater will be set up in a dome with 360 projection, so people can immerse in the scene have somehow had conversation with the story. 

-Curatorial Direction:

Every exhibition in Museum of Friendship will carefully base on a specific aspect of friendship. The friendship can be literally between two artists, a group of people, but also could include creating the friendship in our perspective regardless of time and space. 

The topic is going to cover not only art world but also society, music, architecture, science, etc. A topic such as Friendship between art and science, Artwork of lovers, the friendship between artist and collector, etc.

I hope visitors will get the full experience of those works by discovering the stories behind them. When they left, I hope they carry the deep meaning of works and keep the impression of the works because of the story behind. The story will give them more strong impression than just instill the artistic part of pieces. The story connects to the world that art is created. It’s also connected to our change of perception related to the understanding of the story behind.