Museum Websites Review

I reviewed all museum’s website that I have been to this semester and before. For me, museum’s website is more like an online version of the booklet to provide general information. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to exploring website first and then go to the museum to check out. Documentation pictures of their collection or their exhibition are quite intangible for me, so I rather than go to the site to experience it.

Design-wise, Rubin museum is clear and set a tone by using red as the main color. User’s first impression decide the mood of their following exploration in this websites.


Function-wise, it is clear to find information. But in the other side, this website is quite conventional, which lists menu on the left side and go through each page, I feel it is more like a “personal portfolio website” structure, instead of provide an experience or trigger people’s motivation to visit.


Design-wise, it is a very useful website, but this website probably designed by 20 years ago. The conventional academic yellow color makes me out of the context.

Function-wise, information in this website is too much to read.

NYSCI’s website is not attractive at all. I think there are so many aspects need to be implemented. In terms of content, there are two different menus layout in a different line in the front page which make me confused. The slogan is placed in the top-right which couldn’t get enough attention of visitors. In this case, I think they need to find the most important content to highlight, and find a dynamic way to bring some simple interaction to motivate people’s curiosities.



MOMA’s website is the good design which also obey on the architecture of MOMA building, clean, modern, minimal. Huge exhibition picture grabs people’s attention at first, then allow them to explore more. Various links can be found in this website related to artist and artwork, which also make me feel that it connect to the world. 

I can imagine it will be very interesting if Tenement museum provides their website in VR version as well. People can simply wear a google cardboard to explore their previous exhibitions, tour or have immersive and spatial experience inside the virtual world. 


-Out of class, I visit these museum’s website as references.